Project Name: Constitution Pipeline Wetland and Brook Trout Mitigation Project

Summary: USACE compensatory wetland and brook trout mitigation design, permitting, and outreach

Client: Williams Strategic Sourcing Company

Project Location: 124-mile corridor in PA and NY

Services Provided:
• Wetland Mitigation Design
• USACE Permitting
• Invasive Species Management
• Wetland Delineation
• Stakeholder Identification and Outreach

Project Timeframe: 2013 - Present

Relationship with Client: Since 2013

Client Needs:
Williams Strategic Sourcing Company (Williams) is developing and permitting a new 124-mile natural gas pipeline that spans two states and three U.S. Army Corps of Engineers districts. Mitigation is required to address unavoidable effects on state-regulated and federally regulated wetlands along the pipeline corridor. Williams required a firm that could do public outreach, design and permit wetland mitigation, and provide design-build services in a fast-paced environment with the understanding that the regulators may not define the final mitigation requirements until several months prior to construction.

Kleinschmidt Solution:

Kleinschmidt Water & Willow, LLC is providing comprehensive support and expertise through its scientific, engineering, and regulatory service. Services include identifying properties for restoration, negotiating easements, developing mitigation plans and construction plans, and completing local permits and erosion and sediment permits. By performing the work under a design- build contract, Kleinschmidt is taking full responsibility for construction of the wetland mitigation sites, the implementation of the design, and monitoring the mitigation sites until they achieve agency approval. Kleinschmidt developed both desktop and field protocols to efficiently address effects to streams crossed by the proposed pipeline. Our fluvial geomorphologists developed restoration designs to mitigate the effect of trout stream crossings and ensure pipeline protection from the scour and lateral channel migration.

Client Benefits:
By managing multiple teams of specialists and simplifying a complex project for the client, Kleinschmidt has improved project efficiency, reduced procurement costs, and enhanced communications. As a result of Kleinschmidt’s strategy and efficiency, we have identified and designed five mitigation sites in less than 2 years and will begin construction during 2015.