Project Name: Resident Fish Surveys

Location: Holyoke, MA

Client: Holyoke Gas & Electric

Services: Fish Baseline Survey

Project Summary:

Kleinschmidt conducted two Resident Fish Surveys of the bypass reach of the Holyoke Dam, Holyoke MA for Holyoke Gas & Electric Company (HG&E). The surveys were designed to determine the adequacy of the new licensed flow regime in protecting and enhancing the resources that utilize bypass reach habitat affected by discharge. 

The first survey was conducted using electrofishing techniques and provided baseline information. A second survey was repeated 3 years later to track changes in the fish community over time. 

To confirm the adequacy of the habitat flow, data analysis consisted of deriving and relating fish community indices that reflect balanced habitat use among a gradient of species including fluvial-dependant to generalist species.  Catch data were grouped according to species, and were classified according to habitat use guilds. Results indicated that the current fish community of resident fish has stabilized as catches were remarkably similar in species composition and abundance. The study confirmed that the designated habitat flow provides good habitat for targeted resident fish as well as a number of fluvial-dependent species.