Sisk Mountain Wetland Delineation

Project Name: Sisk Mountain Environmental Surveys

Summary: Wetland delineations and rare plants & wildlife documentation

Client: TransCanada and TRC Solutions

Project Location: Stratton, ME

Services Provided:
•  Wetland Delineations
•  Rare Threatened and Endangered
    Species Assessment
•  Vernal Pool Assessment
•  Environmental Permitting

Project Timeframe:
2009 - 2010

Relationship with Client: Since 1998

Client Needs:
TRC Solutions (TRC) and its client TransCanada required environmental survey work be completed for a proposed large-scale wind power project in western Maine including wetland delineation, stream delineation, and rare and threatened species identification. TRC needed a firm with experience in high elevation areas due to shallow soils, unique plant communities, and temperature extremes.
Kleinschmidt Solution:
Kleinschmidt wetland scientists completed wetland delineations and documented rare plants and wildlife in high elevation environments along ridge tops and proposed access roads of the proposed wind farm development. Wetlands were delineated using the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) three factor approach, based on the presence of wetland hydrology, soils and vegetation. Wetland delineations were completed over several miles and required teams to hike to the ridge line daily. Additionally, Kleinschmidt wetland scientists delineated streams and identified locations of rare plants and wildlife along them. Wetland functions were assessed using the USACE descriptive method. Kleinschmidt collected data using sub-meter accurate GPS units to mark wetland boundaries, streams, and rare plant locations.
Client Benefits:
The Kleinschmidt team worked closely with TRC to provide a field team with unique expertise in northern areas and high elevations to ensure coordination throughout the field effort including providing the needed data on a daily basis.