Barker's Brook Stream and Wetland Restoration

Project Name: Barkers Brook Enhancement Project

Summary: Stream & wetland restoration for flood, habitat improvements

Client: Maine Department of Transportation

Project Location: Western Maine

Project Size: 2.5 acre wetland

Services Provided:
•  Wetland Delineation & Mitigation
•  Habitat Improvement &
•  Hydrologic & Hydraulic Analysis
•  Shoreline Restoration Design
•  Stream Channel Modification
•  Fish Habitat Structure Design

Project Timeframe:
2007 - 2009

Relationship with Client: > 20 years

Client Needs:
The Maine Department of Transportation (MDOT) sought to restore Barkers Brook, a tributary of the Sunday River in western Maine based on a watershed assessment and restoration study prepared by Kleinschmidt for the entire Sunday River basin, which used rapid stream assessment studies to determine the instability and rates of adjustment for the Sunday River and its tributaries, including Barkers Brook.
Kleinschmidt Solution:
Kleinschmidt conducted site investigations, including oversight of surveying and mapping, wetland delineation, and soil probes. Kleinschmidt also completed hydrologic and hydraulic modeling for instream channel restoration, including the restoration of fish passage through a highway box culvert. As well, Kleinschmidt completed a wetland restoration design for a 2.5-acre wetland within the floodplain of Barkers Brook. The design included planting plans that emphasized native wetland species indigenous to the watershed and tolerant of annual flooding. Species were selected based on their ability to provide wildlife habitat and bank stabilization. Kleinschmidt also completed a grading plan that considered flood frequency and groundwater elevations and that would hold and store overbank flows from annual flood events. The design, completed with Parish Geomorphic Ltd., incorporated large woody debris placement to enhance microtopographic heterogeneity and habit value.
Client Benefits:
The MDOT’s project provided enhanced functions of Barkers Brook including flood storage and peak flow attenuation, wildlife and plant habitat, and water quality maintenance including sediment trapping and nutrient conversion.