Water Quality Assessments

Water Quality Assessments

Managing water quality issues requires a coordinated approach involving technical, regulatory, and economic expertise to achieve desired results. Our clients seek solutions to water quality issues that provide cost-effective improvements to existing operations, and which maintain or meet regulatory compliance.

Fate and Transport refers to the movements of contaminants in surface and ground water. Contaminants may include sediments, metals and other chemicals that can impair water quality and degrade aquatic habitat. Fate and Transport modeling addresses the migration of the contaminants and is often a regulatory requirement for assessing and mitigating potential effects on humans as well as aquatic life.

Kleinschmidt uses the combined expertise of its scientific, engineering and environmental staff to attain practical, innovative and achievable results for their projects.

Water Quality Services: 

•  Baseline Water Quality Assessments
•  Water Quality Monitoring, Statistics, and Modeling
•  Compliance Monitoring Plan Development and Data Collection
•  Non-Point Source Pollution Assessments
•  Water Quality BMP Assessments
•  Source Water Protection Plans
•  Watershed Assessments and Plans
•  Sediment Sampling and Analyses 


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