Marine Renewables

Kleinschmidt is one of the pioneering consulting firms working with developers, policy makers and researchers to address the environmental, licensing and engineering challenges associated with the deployment of marine renewable energy. Our team has experience from almost five decades of renewable energy projects providing us with the insight to understand the balance that often needs to be struck between engineering and environmental considerations, particularly when working in the highly regulated waters of the U.S. We believe that these are critical skills for the successful development of marine renewable projects in the U.S. and beyond.

As pioneers in this industry we have been working to remove both policy and technical barriers to adoption of all forms of marine renewables. Our team is heavily involved in working for the progression of the industry through industry groups and we are actively researching methods and techniques that will help to bring projects on-line efficiently and cost effectively. 

To learn more about how Kleinschmidt is working towards the successful realization of marine renewable projects, please select one of the following resource areas.

•  Offshore Wind
•  Wave

•  Tidal and In-Stream

Alternatively, to find out more detail about any one of our particular capabilities or areas of technical expertise please follow one of the links below. 

•  Marine Regulatory (BOEM, FERC)
•  Environmental Study Design and Management
•  Engineering Design and Support (Inc. Electrical  Systems & Interconnections)
•  Marine Renewable Feasibility Studies
•  Siting, Geospatial Analysis & Modeling



Marine Renewable Projects