Offshore Wind Turbines

Offshore Wind

Our expertise within offshore wind begins with our understanding of the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) licensing and permitting process and associated agency regulations. We believe that efficiently managing the licensing and permitting process from the basis of proper project siting and understanding and addressing all legitimate stakeholder and agency issues is critical to development of successful and cost-efficient projects. Furthermore, by leveraging existing data to provide smart siting at early project stages, we can use advanced geospatial analysis to minimize agency and stakeholder problems and maximize value of a leased area.

We have experience developing environmental study plans that are targeted to answer key questions both transparently and cost effectively. Our team also has comprehensive electrical and civil engineering skills to solve the types of problems encountered in offshore wind development. Our experience has grown out of almost five decades working with hydroelectric projects within very tight environmental standards. 

Kleinschmidt is actively working to support the development of offshore wind in the US and is heavily involved with the Offshore Wind Development Coalition (OWDC) to support this objective.

For more information on particular aspects of our expertise and capability, please select one of the following:

•  Marine Regulatory (BOEM, FERC)
•  Environmental Study Design and Management
•  Engineering Design and Support (Inc. Electrical  Systems & Interconnections)
•  Marine Renewable Feasibility Studies
•  Siting, Geospatial Analysis & Modeling



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