Onshore Wind

Wind energy has accounted for 35 percent of all new generating capacity in the United States over the past five years. Benefits of the addition of new sources of renewable generation include a more diverse and stable energy mix, creation of local jobs, and power price stabilization. Kleinschmidt is excited to have contributed to increasing the renewable generation totals in the US. We are able to leverage our nearly five decades of experience working with hydroelectric projects within very tight regulatory standards and apply lessons learned to the wind sector.

Kleinschmidt’s specific expertise within the onshore wind industry is in the stakeholder outreach, permitting, environmental, and engineering areas. Our goal is to help wind developers expedite the entire development process from site identification through final permitting.

Kleinschmidt is actively working to support the development of wind power in the US and is a member of local, regional and national wind power associations to support this objective.

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