An important step during the planning and siting phases of potential wind energy projects is to identify and document regulated natural resources within the area of potential project effect. Inventories typically include wetlands, streams, vernal pools, wildlife habitat (aquatic, terrestrial and avian), and surveys for Rare, Threatened, and Endangered (RTE) species and habitats including Bald Eagles, Bog Turtles and Blandings Turtles. 

Kleinschmidt has field personnel with experience in wildlife surveys, wetland delineations, habitat assessments, and RTE species surveys and identification.  Several staff members are certified Professional Wetland Scientists and have decades of wetland and stream identification experience. Kleinschmidt has participated in several large-scale site inventories designed to delineate wetlands and streams as well as to determine habitat functions and values in order to plan for potential wetland mitigation resulting from unavoidable project impacts. Kleinschmidt staff has worked closely with regulators to better define specific survey methodologies for regulated resources in order to meet agency and other stakeholder concerns, while minimizing project costs.











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