Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning

Almost everyone has heard the phrase “Plan your work, and then work your plan”. For many hydroelectric projects the goal is a new license or relicense. How you go from point A to point B can make a huge difference in terms of your project schedule  and dollars spent. 

Our clients often seek our expertise to help them select the most efficient and effective strategy for licensing. Kleinschmidt uses experienced regulatory, environmental and design professionals to identify strategic study objectives and potential solutions. We assist clients in focusing an appropriate level of effort on gathering resource information to resolve issue(s). A multidisciplinary approach allows Kleinschmidt to focus on problem-solving before the problems arise. Our services add value to the strategic planning process and increase the likelihood of success through strategic, tactical, and public relations assistance.

Strategic Energy Services

•  Strategic Planning Assistance
•  Energy Policy Trend/Issues Identification
•  Local, State, and Federal Law Conflict Research
•  Pending Policy Change Analysis
•  Legislative Testimony Preparation 

Tactical Energy Services

•  Legislative Action Tracking
•  Client/Project Advocacy
•  Bill Preparation and Presentation to Legislatures
•  Preparation and Presentation of Testimony
•  Meeting Facilitation 

Public Information Services

•  Public Opinion Research
•  Collaboration with Community Leaders
•  Identification of Critical Influence Vectors
•  Identification of Public Opinion Obstacles
•  Relationship Development with Governmental Officials
•  Communications Coordination
•  Presentation Development
•  Management of Publications PR 

Work Products

•  Generation of Strategic Information
•  Strategic Plan Development
•  Client Representation
•  Workshop and Presentation Development
•  Project Marketing and PR
•  Briefings and Support
•  Report Preparation
•  Meeting Representation


Regulatory Projects