Recreation Planning

Recreation Planning

Recreation resource analysis and planning is an important issue in many regulatory proceedings. The public and special interest groups often express conflicting demands for increases in recreational opportunities and facility expansions, while conserving natural resources, maintaining a high quality environment and meeting project economic constraints.

Kleinschmidt has designed its service profile to respond to today’s most challenging and most common recreation issues. We draw upon our in-house recreation analysts, environmental scientists, and engineers to provide a variety of recreation services, including:

Common projects include:

•  Outdoor Recreation Management Plans
•  Facility Condition Assessments
•  Angler creel surveys
•  Assessment of facility compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
•  Aerial Boat Counts and Boat Density Studies
•  FERC Form 80 Recreation Reports
•  Recreation Facility Designs
•  Aesthetic Assessments and Surveys

Our complementary GIS specialists provide spatial analysis, information management, and mapping functions for these projects.  GIS facilitates the integration of information with our client’s comprehensive projects, which may include other resources such as fisheries and wetlands and shoreline management information.




Regulatory Projects