Dam Removal

Dam Removal

Dam removal projects are often characterized as habitat improvement or restoration projects which may be the least costly alternative for providing required fish passage for threatened or endangered species and restoring ecological function to free flowing river reaches. Our team specializes in complex dam removal projects which often address a wide range of environmental impact issues including the potential effects of the removal on shoreline erosion and ice floe dynamics, wetlands, mussels, rare plants, wildlife, archaeological resources, and fish habitat.

Our team has successfully completed detailed field assessments that include vegetation surveys, cross-section elevation profiles, qualitative mussel surveys, wetland functional analysis, invasive species assessment, and sediment analysis. Our team has extensive experience with Natural Resource Protection Act permits and has completed detailed engineering designs, construction plans, and erosion control plans and alternatives analysis. Kleinschmidt can provide technical expertise at public informational meetings as well as local planning board meetings to obtain the Shoreland Zone Permits.

Kleinschmidt has worked on over 20 dam removal design projects and provides a multi-faceted team of ecological engineers, biologists, scientists and regulatory personnel to study and design appropriate solutions.  Our services include:

•  Dam removal strategies, timing, and cost estimations,
•  Economic impact analysis for rate payers,
•  Identification of FERC requirements for License Surrender,
•  Agency negotiation to identify appropriate wetland and wildlife impact analysis as it relates to 
    post-removal water levels,
•  Identification of applicable State and Federal regulations and permits; and
•  Sources of funding for removal.
•  Engineering design.


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