Watershed Management

Watershed Management

In recent years, there has been a renewed focus on watershed or basin planning in water resource management. State and federal regulators, as well as a variety of non-governmental organizations (NGOs), are actively promoting comprehensive planning and local community stewardship as alternatives to regulatory approaches. Watershed planning requires a multidisciplinary approach to resolving multi-faceted issues, combining sound science with reasoned public policy. It also requires cooperation and collaboration among many diverse stakeholders.

Our experience in hydrology ranges from the analysis of small urbanized watersheds to large watershed modeling. We have performed hydrologic, hydraulic, and water quality modeling for a wide array of applications, including watershed studies, flood studies, headwater benefit analyses, stormwater runoff calculations, dam stability, backwater analyses and instream flow studies. We have also performed backwater studies to analyze the effects of varying water levels on wetland vegetation. Types of projects include hydrologic assessment of flows, including frequency analysis and flow distribution studies, reservoir analyses included stage/storage, mass balance and other such related studies.

In regards to dam design, we provide discharge-rating curves for all types of flow conveyance structures, flow distribution studies as well as flood frequency studies. Hydraulic capabilities include headloss assessments of pipelines and conveyance system, pump studies, gate performance studies as well as riverine hydraulic studies.

Watershed services provided by Kleinschmidt include:

•  Water Diversion Structures/Conveyances
•  Flood Control Improvements
•  Flood Flow Analysis
•  Watershed Analysis and Planning
•  Hydrologic Analysis
•  Hydrologic Modeling/Simulations
•  Hydraulic Analysis (Pumps, Turbines, Machinery, Conduit Design)
•  Hydraulic Analysis and Design (Open and Natural Channels)
•  Dam Design, Repairs and Safety Assessments


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