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A few recent magazine, newspaper, video productions and media releases discussing the solutions we provide for our clients.

UMaine unveils unique base for floating wind turbine that could provide glimpse into future

Kleinschmidt, serving on the UMaine Consortium’s Permitting and Policy Team, is providing permitting services related to the deployment of the 1/8 scale test turbines in state waters.

Dam Removal to Help Restore Spawning Grounds - New York Times

Great Works Dam Removal, Penobscot River, Maine (June, 2012)

Restoring Nesting Habitat for Common Terns at the Niagara Project - Hydro Review Magazine

The New York Power Authority's restoration efforts for the common tern, implemented at its Niagara Power Project. Co-authored by Morris Perot. (April, 2012)

Jordan Dam - Small Hydro New Development

Attaching a Turbine to the Front of a Headgate. Innovative engineering and design is turning a 30-year-old flood storage dam into a hydroelectric power producer at Jordan Dam. (October, 2012)

Ocean Energy - The Rite Project Advancing the State of Operational Environmental Monitoring

As the marine and hydrokinetic energy industry expands, new innovations in environmental monitoring and turbine design are necessary to keep it moving. Verdant Power's RITE project is on track to improve the ability to monitor environmental impact in tidal settings. (November, 2012)

Jordan Dam, New Small Hydro Development at USACE Dam - UNC-TV Video

A "first of its kind" hydroelectric project installed on the discharge tower of a USACE flood storage dam in North Carolina - featuring Paul Cyr. (September, 2012)

Small Hydro is Getting BIG - Hydro Review Magazine

“Small hydro is an amazing resource that begs to be developed, especially when we are talking about retrofitting existing facilities,” Jay Maher said. “The development of this resource should be a no-brainer.” (April, 2011)

Electrofishing Assists Research - Bangor Daily News

‘What’s the ecological ripple effect of taking these dams out?' - Brandon Kulik (January, 2011)

Steelhead Anglers have more Options - Four Mile Creek Fish Ladder

This Lake Erie tributary, considered to be nearly unfishable for many decades, now has a fish ladder and a nearly completed fish bypass that will allow fish to move past two impediments that have kept them from migrating upstream (October, 2011)