Contact:              Scott Ault, Chair of the Board of Directors

Telephone:           717.983.4228


Scott Ault, Chair of the Board of Directors (Board) has announced the departure of Charles “Chuck” Padera as President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Kleinschmidt Associates.  The Board has appointed current Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Jon Christensen, as acting President and CEO effective November 27, 2017. 

Chuck joined Kleinschmidt in 2013 with a primary charge of organizing the firm for a changing market place and positioning the firm for growth.  “Over the past five years, Chuck has been instrumental in helping us expand into Canada and grow in other regions including Oregon, Wisconsin, Alabama, and South Carolina. Kleinschmidt is a vibrant and successful organization that is financially very strong, and we thank Chuck for helping Kleinschmidt thrive in a rapidly-changing business environment,” Ault said. 

Regarding his departure, Chuck noted “I am thankful for the privilege of leading the firm and meeting and working with some incredible people. The company is set for success and I am confident in the knowledge that the firm will do well in the coming years.  I am looking forward to retirement, and my wife Jennifer and I are planning to travel, fish, surf, and see America!”

Kleinschmidt Associates works primarily with energy companies and government agencies in North America to protect and enhance the environment without compromising performance. We work at the intersection of regulatory requirements, environmental science, and engineering solutions. For half a century, Kleinschmidt has been bringing new ideas to the table, offering practical solutions to tough problems and sensitive issues. Our goal is to bring energy, water, and the environment into balance.