Kleinschmidt Announces Formation of NEPA Services Team

March 26, 2015—Kleinschmidt announces the formation of a NEPA Services Team to assist federal entities and private, third-party organizations to implement the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) process. Kleinschmidt’s extensive experience in preparing NEPA environmental assessments and environmental impact statements extends to various lead and cooperating federal agencies, private clients, and project types – ranging from stream restoration, energy projects, and transmission projects to fiber optic cable projects and highway and bridge projects. 

Kelly Schaeffer will lead the NEPA Services Team. Kelly has nearly 25 years of experience with implementing the NEPA process for a variety of clients, including the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), the U.S. Department of Agriculture – Forest Service, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, and the Federal Highway Administration. Kelly has worked on both sides of the NEPA process – formerly as a regulator for the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, and now as an environmental consultant – which brings a uniquely broad and sophisticated understanding of the NEPA process to Kleinschmidt's NEPA Services Team. Her recent projects include preparing third-party environmental impact statements for Transmission Developers Inc.'s New England Clean Power Link for the DOE, the Chester County Stream and Riparian Restoration/Enhancement Project for the U.S. Forest Service

“I am excited about the opportunity to expand our existing expertise to apply to other federal and private clients that require our services and skills,” NEPA Services Team Leader Kelly Schaeffer says, adding, “Our growing experience in linear projects such as transmission line permitting, gas pipelines, and riparian and stream restoration, in addition to continuing to provide expertise on hydroelectric projects, allows both federal and third-party private clients to rely on us as a one-stop shop for their various NEPA process needs.” 

Kleinschmidt's NEPA Services Team also includes Jennifer Morrissey and Susan Byrd, both of whom have significant experience with the NEPA process, natural resource planning, and state and federal agencies. Jennifer's expertise is in recreation and land use planning, and she has worked with the U.S. Forest Service and the National Park Service on assessing the effects of human activity on the environment. Sue's experience spans more than 30 years of coordinating the compilation and production of large, complex environmental impact statements. 

Kleinschmidt’s diverse experience dealing with the NEPA process – from providing NEPA process training to assisting clients to interpret and manage NEPA process requirements across a span of scientific disciplines – has encouraged us to form this NEPA Services Team.  Kleinschmidt’s first-hand experience in working with other permitting requirements enables us to provide a seamless process for clients and to manage project schedules and budgets effectively.  Please contact NEPA Team Leader Kelly Schaeffer for any NEPA process needs by email at Kelly.Schaeffer@KleinschmidtGroup.com or by telephone at 703.753.9772.

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