Jon Christensen

President and Chief Executive Officer

Jon leads the company’s pursuit of its Strategic Plan, focusing on Kleinschmidt’s core purpose of providing clients with practical solutions to their most complex problems. Under Jon’s leadership, Kleinschmidt cultivates opportunites for professional staff to perform meaningful work. We value our employees' loyalty and are committed to their long-term development so our clients can rely on professionals with comprehensive understanding and leadership of the hydropower and water resources industries. This ensures our clients consistently get effective and efficient solutions to their problems.

Professional Experience:

Jon has been with Kleinschmidt for more than 30 years, starting as licensing project manager in 1987. He was also a Senior Project Manager for large, complex relicensing, water resource, due diligence and asset evaluation projects. He was CFO for more than a decade and was named most recently CEO.


Jon earned a B.A. in Economics from the University of Vermont with a concentration in labor relations. He has also completed course work in Business Administration and Finance at Thomas College and the University of Maine.