Alex Malvezzi

Associate Scientist

Alex specializes in researching fish behavior and habitats. He has worked with American Shad, American Eel, Sea Lamprey, Atlantic sturgeon, Atlantic silversides, and numerous shark species. Alex’s graduate work involved the impacts of climate change on coastal forage fish. Alex works on multiple fish passage studies on the Connecticut River and is experienced in telemetry work (tag and recapture studies), experimental fisheries biology, genetics research, and scientific writing. Alex has experience with gillnetting, skiff trawling, beach seining, long lining and small boat operations.



B.S. Biology, Quinnipiac University 

M.Sc. Marine Science, Stony Brook University



Do you have a hidden talent?    

    Painting: I started college as a Fine Arts major


What’s your favorite song on your iPod/iPhone?             

    Atlantic City by The Band


What is your favorite sports team?         

    New York Rangers


What is your favorite pastime? 



What was your favorite childhood toy? 

    GI Joe