Christopher Frese

Senior Scientist

Chris Frese has over 30 years of experience designing, conducting, and managing investigations on fish passage and behavior, turbine survival, impingement/entrainment, habitat, and water quality issues at nuclear, fossil and hydroelectric power stations. He has managed fish passage operations at each of the four lower mainstem Susquehanna River Hydroelectric projects. He has been involved with anadromous fish restoration projects in 15 Chesapeake tributaries in Maryland and Pennsylvania. Chris has also been involved with anadromous restoration projects in numerous other northeast rivers including the Hudson, Mohawk, St. Lawrence, Connecticut, Blackstone, Saco, Kennebec, and Sebasticook Rivers. He was part of a team that provided a review of information pertinent to designing and implementing experimental fish passage for three inland native salmonids (bull trout, westslope cutthroat trout and mountain whitefish) for two projects located on the Clark Fork River. Chris has concentrated his efforts on the planning and implementation of anadromous fish restoration programs, design, evaluation and operation of upstream and downstream fishways, development and implementation of trap and transport programs, development of downstream fish passage facilities and fish protection measures, agency consultation and negotiation, and the preparation and execution of environmental impact assessments. Chris also specializes in studies relating to hydropower impacts and relicensing. He has extensive experience with preparation of NEPA documents, federal and state environmental permitting and has been innovative in developing strategies for mitigating project impacts in the mid-Atlantic and northeast regions.

B.S. Biology, Millersville State College (1974)