Jesse Brangwynne, P.E.

Civil/Structural Engineer

Jesse Brangwynne specializes in structural assessment and design of hydropower facilities, safety analyses, penstock investigations, and opinions of probable costs. He develops computerized structural models using RISA-3D and creates structural designs for headgates, tainter gates, draft tubes, retaining walls, turbine generator lifting frames, intake gates, trashrack panels, thrustblocks, fish passage structures, and other hydro components including rehabilitation of existing equipment. Jesse analyzes the structural adequacy of penstock stresses based on measured thicknesses. 

B.S. Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Maine
M.S. Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Maine
Licensed Professional Engineer (2016) 



Wakeboarding, snowboarding, discovering new music and seeing live music

What is something you’ve always wanted to do?           

Learn how to surf

What CD is in your CD player right now?

Mat Zo – Damage Control

What is your favorite pastime?    

Spending time on the lake with friends and family

What was your favorite childhood toy?  

Super Nintendo – Super Mario World