Lucas Stiles, P.E.

Civil/Structural Engineer

Lucas Stiles has participated in many design projects, site inspections, and feasibility studies. His responsibilities include design, inspection, evaluation, and rehabilitation of steel, concrete, and wood structures primarily relating to the hydroelectric industry. He has performed engineering design for a variety of hydropower projects with such structures including dams, powerhouses, intake structures, trash racks, gates, retaining walls, flashboards, inflatable rubber dams, and fish passage facilities. Lucas has also received training in upstream fish passage from the American Fisheries Society.

B.S. Civil Engineering, University of Maine (2008)

Licensed Professional Engineer in Maine


Where did you go to college?

University of Maine – Civil Engineering

What professional associations do you belong too?

I belong to the American Society of Civil Engineers and serve as one of the practitioner advisors to the student chapter.

What is something you’ve always wanted to do?

I have always wanted to go out west and do some heliskiing.

Why did you select your current profession?

As a kid I enjoyed taking things apart and seeing how they worked. When I started looking at what I wanted to do for college engineering was a natural choice.

What is your favorite pastime/hobby?

In the winter I love to ski and spend a lot of time on the slopes. I also enjoy building furniture and other things when I have the time.

Lucas D. Stiles