Michael Hross


Mike Hross specializes in hydrologic and hydraulic analysis including hydropower feasibility studies, PMF analyses, dam breach studies, energy analyses and modeling, watershed modeling, reservoir management, and transient analyses using models including HEC-RAS, HEC-HMS, HEC-RES SIM, and HAMMER V8i. Mike performs statistical analyses on hydrologic data including flow duration analyses and flow frequency analyses.

M.S. Civil and Environmental Engineering – Northeastern University
B.S. Ecology and Environmental Sciences – University of Maine


What is your favorite pastime?

Playing soccer

What is your favorite restaurant and where is it located?

Fiddleheads – Located in Bangor, Maine.

Why did you select your current profession?

In college I was drawn to environmental science and the importance of considering the environment as a system. At Kleinschmidt I get to work on a variety of projects in a field that I feel is important for the future.  

When it comes to renewable energy or the environment, what is one thing that you wish you could help change? 

The mindsets of people regarding fossil fuels. Regardless of one’s beliefs about climate change, fossil fuels are a finite resource and are increasingly difficult to obtain. Alternatives need to be explored.

What is your favorite thing about Kleinschmidt?

The people are great and there is a strong sense of community.