Tracy Maynard


Tracy Maynard established an Ichthyoplankton Sampling Protocol and a plankton laboratory, and has performed plankton identification and quantification in support of entrainment studies related to section 316(b) of the Clean Water Act. She has been involved in creating standard operating procedures for both impingement and entrainment studies, as well as implementing these procedures in the field and laboratory. Tracy continues to provide support to projects involving compliance with EPA’s 316(b) regulations, including the development of comprehensive technology assessments for reducing adverse environmental impacts associated with the use of cooling water intake systems, estimating the environmental benefits of various technologies and control measures, and making recommendations for the Best Technology Available. She also provides support to our engineering and regulatory staff through development of compliance documents, planning and conducting field studies, and data analyses.

B.S. Environmental Science (Marine Science), University of Connecticut (1999)