Project Name: Bingham Wind Public Outreach Project

Summary: Community outreach and permitting

Client: First Wind Energy, LLC

Project Location: Bingham, Mayfield, Kingsbury Plantation, ME

Project Size: 190 MW

Services Provided:
• Educational Outreach
• Facilitate Public Meetings
• Secure Community Benefit Agreements with Individual Towns
• State and Local Permitting

Project Timeframe: 2012 - 2014

Relationship with Client: Since 2010

Client Needs:
First Wind Energy, LLC (First Wind) needed strategic local project support to assist with filing a Maine Department of Environmental Protection (MDEP) application for its 186 MW wind power project. First Wind understood the need for widespread community support for the project and specific local approvals needed in order to build the project.

Kleinschmidt Solution:
Kleinschmidt identified important and relevant stakeholders, worked to obtain local approvals via educating the stakeholders about the benefits of the project, and providing current project data. Kleinschmidt worked with municipalities and local user groups to understand local concerns and interests and identified ways to incorporate their needs into the final project design. Kleinschmidt also notified the public concerning informational meetings and facilitated the public meetings during which numerous local approvals were passed important to overall project authorization.

Client Benefits:
Kleinschmidt assisted First Wind in being well positioned to meet the MDEP tangible benefit site location of development permit requirement by demonstrating agreements with several municipalities in the form of approved and executed Community Benefit Agreements. First Wind was also able to demonstrate community support and demonstrate overall project support through additional tangible benefit agreements with local user groups including snowmobile, mountain bike, and ATV clubs, a county economic development organization, and a local land trust. With the agreements, First Wind was able to file their MDEP application, without which a permit could not be filed.