Project Name: Onshore Wind Feasibility Study

Summary: Site selection & preliminary analyses of wind power viability

Client: Good Will-Hinckley School

Project Location: Hinckley, ME

Services Provided:
•  Siting, Geospatial Analysis,
    & Modeling
•  Habitat Assessment, Impact Study
•  Permit Compliance

Project Timeframe:
2007 - 2008

Relationship with Client: Since 2007

Client Needs:

The Good Will-Hinckley School was interested in whether wind power was a viable option for the school to offset electricity costs and provide income to the campus of 40 buildings.

Kleinschmidt Solution:

Kleinschmidt investigated a viable location for turbines, based on topography, wind potential, existing buildings, and power lines. Engineers performed preliminary energy analyses to determine the beneficial level of generation vs. cost and return, based on turbine performance and installation costs. An environmental screening was conducted to assess the presence of wetlands, sensitivity of avian resources, potential noise impacts, local zoning, and building codes. In support of cost/benefit analysis, Kleinschmidt identified state and federal requirements applicable to the building site.

Client Benefits:

The preliminary feasibility study provided several possible scenarios for developing a wind power project at the Good Will-Hinckley campus. Kleinschmidt presented analysis for each option, though none were found to provide favorable economic offsets for the school.