Project Name: Recreational User Surveys

Summary: Interviews with boaters, campers and hikers

Client: Confidential Client

Project Location:  Maine

Services Provided:

Surveys to support visual impact

Project Timeframe: 2012

Client Needs:

The developer required information about the potential influence a proposed wind farm would have on users of scenic resources within eight miles of the proposed project. The study area included one lake and one pond from which the proposed project would be minimally visible.

Kleinschmidt Solution:

Kleinschmidt conducted late season intercept interviews with recreationists accessing a nearby lake and pond within the project viewshed, and with hikers on top of the nearby mountain.

Client Benefits:

While each of the three locations offer unique opportunities to the users, results showed that almost all individuals indicated they were likely to return to the location regardless of the presence of the proposed wind farm.