Aquatic Habitat Assessments

Aquatic Habitat Assessments

Our team of fisheries biologists, hydrologists, and ecological engineers are especially well-qualified for undertaking project work related to the enhancement of aquatic habitats and the resolution of fisheries-related issues. We have worked with owners and resource agencies to assess opportunities for improving fisheries habitats in both riverine and lacustrine environments through the placement of instream structures and bank stabilization. Our staff is experienced in developing plans for mitigating the effects of pond level fluctuations on storage ponds and reservoirs.

Our team has significant experience conducting habitat-based analyses, such as assessments using the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s Instream Flow Incremental Methodology (IFIM) and Habitat Evaluation Procedures, as well as population-based approaches involving quantitative sampling and analysis of fish populations. We have also developed significant expertise in fish entrainment, impingement and mortality analyses at hydroelectric and fossil power generating stations. Our team also includes national experts in endangered species including Atlantic salmon, Atlantic sturgeon, and shortnose sturgeon and routinely works with various agencies on restoration plans for impacted species.

Fish and Aquatic Habitat Assessment Services:

•  Instream Restoration – Streamflow – physical habitat delineations
•  Shoreline Erosion Studies
•  Habitat Mapping (connectivity)
•  Water Level Fluctuation Studies
•  Dam Inventories Basin Fragmentation
•  Rapid Bioassessment Habitat Assessment
•  Rapid Stream Assessments
•  Bathymetric Surveys
•  Stream Corridor Surveys
•  Stream Habitat Assessments
•  Stream and Lake Benthic Surveys
•  Stream Restoration Projects


Ecological Projects