Electrical Power and Interconnection Systems

Electrical Power & Interconnection Systems

The purpose of a hydroelectric power station is to convert the waters’ hydraulic energy to mechanical energy through the turbines so that it produces electrical energy through the generator. The electricity then needs to be connected to the “grid” for a hydro owner to sell the power to consumers. 

Our electrical engineering team has extensive experience with hydro generators of various sizes. Services have included design integration of new generators to existing facilities, “Greenfield” power house design, and specifications for rehabilitation of existing generators.  Integration of new generation to existing facilities includes power system design analysis for short circuit, arc flash, and coordination considerations as well as necessary design modifications to switchgear and generator step-up transformers (GSU). “Greenfield” project design includes plant layouts, switchgear and GSU interconnection and specifications, protective relay and metering, utility connection design, and station service power systems. We are also well versed in NERC-CIP requirements and comply with these standards in our power house designs.





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