Hydroelectric Powerhouse Design and Rehabilitation

The hydroelectric power station or powerhouse is where all of the engineering complexities of harnessing a river’s potential converge. Hydro engineers, although specialized in a particular discipline, need to understand the interrelated nature of each component to maximize the power generation, service life, and operability of the asset. Kleinschmidt’s design team is one of the largest and most experienced groups of engineers dedicated to the hydroelectric industry. This team has allowed us to assist owners with new powerhouse developments as well as equipment rehabilitation and modernization projects.

Kleinschmidt’s staff is fully versed in the structural design of the powerhouse concrete substructure and superstructures of various concrete, steel, and composite materials. Our balance of plant design experience includes station cranes, gates, HVAC, cooling water systems, oil/water separators, station electrical service, lighting, security, and fire detection and suppression systems. Our station power engineering design experience includes all aspects of the power distribution systems, from the generator to the utility connection, including switchgear, generator step-up transformers, overhead distribution lines, protective relaying and metering. Our control and automation engineering includes hardwired and PLC based unit and plant control systems design as well as network architecture and SCADA interface design.




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