Hydro Plant Feasibility Study

Hydroelectric Feasibility Study 

Only 3% of the nation's 80,000 dams currently generate electricity, and this untapped potential presents a significant renewable energy resource. Our hydro consulting team has earned the trust of hundreds of hydroelectric owners and developers by helping them determine whether or not they should proceed with a capital investment for a new hydroelectric station; to redevelop or modernize an existing hydro plant; or to acquire additional facilities. 

A Hydroelectric Feasibility Study is designed to assist in developing a pro forma and, depending upon each project’s unique criteria, will typically include:

•  Conceptual plans (Layout plans, 
    elevations and sections)
•  Equipment selection 
•  Detailed breakdown of preliminary opinion of project cost 
•  Monthly and annual revenue projections 
•  Economic analysis results (Cash flow projections, net present value analysis, benefit cost ratios)
•  Summary of licensing, environmental, and permitting review
•  Estimated costs and schedule


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