Wave Energy

Wave Energy

The route to develop commercial wave energy is hugely challenging. From the perspective of a technology developer, it can be a complex, expensive and time consuming maze. From an initial concept through numerical models, then to scale model testing, progressing on to development and testing of a full-scale prototype before a pre-commercial and finally fully commercial device.

Our team has the expertise to assist at many points on this highly involved journey, including both project permitting and technical engineering aspects. The team includes published technical experts in the field of wave energy, who can provide advice at all project stages. We are fully conversant in the permitting process with extensive Federal Energy Regulation Commission (FERC) process experience and with the environmental requirements imposed by the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), plus we have experts in many of the particular Endangered Species Act (ESA) species of concern. We have electrical and mechanical engineers on staff with experience in the kinds of challenges encountered in wave energy devices, including physical & numerical modeling, control & survivability, constructability and logistics.

For more information on particular aspects of our expertise and capability, along with examples of work we have completed, please select one of the following:

•  Marine Regulatory (BOEM, FERC)
•  Environmental Study Design and Management
•  Engineering Design and Support (Inc. Electrical  Systems & Interconnections)
•  Marine Renewable Feasibility Studies
•  Siting, Geospatial Analysis & Modeling



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