Canadian Client Appreciation

Client appreciation is never cancelled or postponed.

Major in-person industry conferences have been cancelled or postponed in 2020. Normally, we organize client events at industry conferences and at other times throughout the year to show our appreciation for the trust and confidence that you, our clients, place in us to assist with all your project needs. This year, things are different. We won’t be able to show our appreciation as we would normally. Instead of canceling or postponing our appreciation, we’re trying something a little different. We’re offering you a selection of food and drink from several small family owned businesses in regions where we work and live. This allows us to show our appreciation while also assisting small businesses impacted by COVID-19.

World's Finest Chocolate

2x Mint Meltaways 55 g
2x Caramel Whirls 55 g
2 packs of Gummy Bears

Assorted wraps
1 x dish 454 g of assorted wraps
3 x raisins 70 g
3 x Queen Anne`s
2 x $1 bars 37 g
2 x $2 bars 55 g


Hand Crafted N.S Cider

A selection of truly local cider, made from our five apple signature blend. Enjoy our full range of flavours!

2 x Original 5.8% ABV
2 x Blush 5.8% ABV
2 x Hopped 6.0% ABV
2 x Sour Cherry 8.0% ABV
2 x Winter 7.0% ABV
2 x Strawberry Rhubarb 5.0% ABV
2 x Wild Blackberry 5.0% ABV


Avondale Sky Winery

2019 Tidal Bay: The nose shows notes of apple, peach, and matcha, with hints of white flowers and minerality.  The palate is soft yet crisp, with a subtle sweetness balanced by zippy acidity.  The finish shows peach and citrus, with a hint of spice, and lingering minerality.

2015 Lucie Kuhlmann Reserve: The nose shows notes of cassis, blackberry, bell pepper and butterscotch. The palate reveals ripe red fruit, balanced by toasty oak, soft tannins, medium body and fresh acidity, all leading to a long and spicy finish.


Balderson Village Cheese

280 gram block  Marble
280 gram block  Mild Colour
280 gram block  Medium Colour
280 gram block  Old White
280 gram block  Extra Old White