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EBJ Article: Leading the Transition to Remote Sensing & Aerial Surveys; Using eDNA to Track Species

Kleinschmidt is one of only a few engineering consulting firms in the United States specializing in servicing the hydropower industry and has been doing so for more than five decades. In the 1980s, they expanded into environmental and licensing services, and are now nationally known for this expertise, in addition to the engineering skills that have always been a hallmark of the company. In the 1990s, Kleinschmidt recognized the opportunity to expand their client base beyond hydro, and the company has excelled in ecosystem assessments, individual habitat and river restoration projects, watershed management, water supply reservoir management, dam removal, fish passage, and impact studies for wetlands.

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Complexity, Location, Timing: Three Myths of Fish Passage Design

While well-designed fish passage may not generate revenue, it is still essential to your facility’s future. Ultimately, it allows you to keep doing business, by ensuring compliance with key federal and state/provincial regulations such as the Federal Power Act (FPA) in the United States and the Fisheries Act in Canada.

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