Message from our CEO for Women’s History Month

Pittsfield, Maine – March 17, 2021 – Kleinschmidt has strived to create an equitable and inclusive culture where everyone has the opportunity to follow their passion and advance as far as their capabilities will carry them.  During International Women’s History Month, I am proud to recognize the significant progress we’ve made in creating opportunities for women in our workforce.

While most senior ownership and leadership positions are still held by men who joined the industry at a less inclusive time, we have managed to significantly outpace typical engineering and science consultants where less than 20% of practicing professionals are women.  Better still, our leadership pipeline is filled with exceptional women who are enhancing the work environment and are major influencers of our company’s success.  Women in our leadership ranks and pipeline include:

  • 44% of our Board of Directors
  • 40% of our Principal Consultants
  • 47% of our Non-executive Managers
  • 44% of our new hires, and
  • 34% of our shareholders

I’m also pleased to announce that Kleinschmidt has promoted Kelly Larimer as our first woman senior executive when she applied, was selected, and accepted the role of Chief Technical Officer just this month.  Our leadership role in fostering an environment where women can succeed includes outreach to our industry associations, where we were founding members of NHA’s Women in Hydro, and actively participate in several industry forums that mentor future woman leaders.  We continue to invest in our employees in the belief that together, we can create change!

There is still much work to do before women reach the leadership participation they deserve, but it’s exciting to demonstrate the positive momentum in our company and to promote equal opportunity throughout the renewable energy sector.

Jon Christensen, CEO


About Kleinschmidt:

Kleinschmidt Associates performs engineering, regulatory and environmental consulting for North American energy companies and governmental agencies who strive to protect and enhance the natural environment without compromising performance. We work at the intersection of regulatory requirements, environmental science, and engineering solutions to achieve our client’s objectives. For over half a century, Kleinschmidt has continually delivered new ideas that offer practical solutions to tough problems and sensitive issues. Our goal is to bring energy, water, and the environment into balance so future generations will thrive.