Kleinschmidt COVID-19 Update

Pittsfield, ME – March 18, 2020 –As the COVID-19 health crisis continues to deepen in this country, we recognize our responsibility to keep the best interests of our employees, clients and partners at the forefront of our thoughts and actions.

First, we are committed to protecting the health and safety of our employees. We are following all state and federal guidance intended to slow the spread of the virus and to help people stay healthy. We have established an internal committee headed by our CEO to keep abreast of the most recent guidance which in turn will inform company actions as the situation evolves. We have restricted travel, except for mission critical projects where we can manage the risk to employees and are replacing in-person meetings with virtual meetings when possible. We remain committed to serving our clients to the best of our ability under a variety of potential situations. Our employees have the necessary tools and technology to work from home, which will help minimize disruptions to workflow during quarantines or shelter in place orders. In the event of illness, our specialized labor force is multi-layered and will allow work duties to be transferred to
employees with similar skills or to higher skilled staff that can fill in as needed. We also remain available by phone and email using our standard contact information.

Finally, we will continue to strive to understand how we can help you, not just with specific project needs or deliverables, but how we might be able to help you overcome any obstacle created by the COVID-19 crisis at your facility or project. To that end, our project managers are personally contacting all clients to discuss impacts related to the pandemic. Meanwhile, if you have any
questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us to discuss ways we can support you during this time. We are all in this together. Stay healthy and safe.

The Kleinschmidt Team





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