HEC-RAS Pub and Grub

HEC-RAS Pub and Grub

Mark your calendars to attend this free special event featuring lively presentations by Chris Goodell with Kleinschmidt, Krey Price with Surface Water Solutions, and Sean Welch with Bonneville Power.

Location:  Lucky Lab Pub in Portland, OR

Chris is a hydraulic engineer and Principal Consultant for Kleinschmidt Associates in Portland Oregon. He is a former member of the HEC-RAS team and authors The RAS Solution, a blog and help-site for HEC-RAS users. Chris has been teaching HEC-RAS classes worldwide for the last 18 years.

Presentation 1: The HECRAS Controller. How to Automate HEC-RAS.
Presentation 2: HEC-RAS Modeling the Missoula Floods.

Krey is a civil engineer and hydraulic modeler currently based in Australia. He spent 10 years of his career in Portland working primarily on Corps of Engineers river restoration projects; Krey has been teaching HEC-RAS training courses around the world for several years and is excited to be back in town for a visit.

Presentation 1: Not just a pretty picture: How your HEC-RAS model can be wrong…dead wrong!
Presentation 2: Update from the international community of freeloaders: Flooding the Alps, splitting New Zealand, and other absurdities we’ve modeled around the world (and out of this world!) in HEC-RAS.

Sean is the Habitat Restoration Policy Lead for Bonneville Power Administration’s Division of Fish and Wildlife. As a hydraulic engineer, he has been involved with 150+ projects throughout the US and Canada. These projects include hydraulic modeling studies for projects including dams, flood control, river basin planning, fish passage and river and stream restoration and is a former member of the NRCS National HEC-RAS Training Team. He believes that hydraulic modeling is a fundamental key to unlock the door of understanding when approaching the art and science of a river engineering project.

Presentation: Hydraulic and Habitat Modeling of Large Wood Placements from a Structure from Motion Terrain Surface

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