HEC-RAS Pub & Grub

Mark your calendars to attend this free special event featuring lively presentations by Chris Goodell with Kleinschmidt, and Gary Brunner, Cameron Ackerman and Mark Jensen from HEC. You will not want to miss this event!

Location:  Craft Brew Alliance Widmer Pub in Portland, OR

Chris is a hydraulic engineer and Principal Consultant for Kleinschmidt Associates in Portland Oregon. He is a former member of the HEC-RAS team and authors The RAS Solution, a blog and help-site for HEC-RAS users. Chris has been teaching HEC-RAS classes worldwide for the last 18 years.

Gary started working at the Hydrologic Engineering Center in 1985 and has been in his current position (Senior Technical Hydraulic Engineer) in the Hydrology and Hydraulics Technology Division since 1990. Mr. Brunner’s responsibilities include water resources research; software development; training and technology transfer; and technical assistance to Corps field offices. He is the original author and the leader of the HEC-RAS (River Analysis System) software development team. His current research work is focused on the advancement of hydraulic engineering tools for analyzing a wide variety of engineering problems.

Cameron is a Senior Hydraulic Engineer with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Hydrologic Engineering Center. Cam’s technical area of expertise includes the use of GIS for hydrologic engineering applications and hydraulic analysis of rivers systems for performing dam breach analysis; inundation mapping; flood damage reduction studies; ecosystem restoration; and flood warning, response and preparedness. Cameron has extensive teaching experience to National and International audiences in watershed hydrology, river hydraulics, dam breach analysis, and GIS.

Mark is a senior hydraulic engineer at the Hydrologic Engineering Center (HEC). With 28 years of experience, he is one of the primary developers of the center’s River Analysis System (HEC-RAS) and provides technical leadership in steady and unsteady flow river modeling, floodplain mapping, and water quality analysis.

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