Thank you for reaching out.  We accept recruiter resumes when applicant qualifications demonstrate a great fit with our expressed need.  Please forward resumes through the form below indicating that you are submitting on behalf of an applicant with a concurrent note to our HR Director.  If we are interested in your candidate, we will execute a fee agreement with you. 

You may circulate the resume with names redacted, if you choose, but please know that we will honor your position regardless of how you send it.  If the candidate has applied with us directly in less than a year, we will alert you as needed.  We do not create pre-emptory agreements, because we tend to get several recruiter responses for each open position.  Instead, we only work with recruiters that provide viable candidates, and we need to see them first to confirm that alignment with our needs in our specialized areas of work.

Thank you for your interest in sourcing qualified candidates for Kleinschmidt!  We look forward to working with you. 


Kristal Genwright, HR Business Partner

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