Instream Flow Council and AFS – We need your Input

Work Continues to Establish a New Instream Flow and Water Level Conservation Center 

For the past two years, Kleinschmidt has been honored to participate with the Instream Flow Council and American Fisheries Society as they work towards a new National Instream Flow and Water Level Conservation  Training and Research Center and is pleased to share the draft feasibility assessment for comment.  This report and a report review form are now available for download (see portal link below).

The 10-person Steering Committee (SC) is seeking public review and online feedback on this document from all interested stakeholders for accuracy, relevance, and need for this Center using our online template (see web link below). We also wish to know if we have overlooked essential elements or not described some components clearly.

Your input is needed!  Click the link below to submit your feedback.  The entire SC will review all responses to help us finalize this report and improve the prospect for the successful establishment and operation of the Center. 

Due to the potential high response rate, the SC may not provide individual responses unless specifically requested. Feel free to forward this notice of availability and review the opportunity with others.

The Deadline for Feedback is February 6, 2023, and thank you from the Steering Committee,

Co-Chair David Weedman, IFC Past President
Co-Chair Doug Austen, AFS Executive Director
Tom Annear
Daren Carlisle
Christopher Estes
Thom Hardy
Allan Locke
Donald Orth
Dudley Reiser
Clair Stalnaker