Kleinschmidt Associates Celebrates Engineers Week 2020

Lexington, SC – February 20, 2020 – The Clean Energy Technology program at the Center for Advanced Technical Studies in Chapin, SC, enables students to apply fundamental science and operating principles of clean energy systems to authentic problems. Such problems involve motors and generators, photovoltaic systems, water and energy conservation, wind turbines, biofuel generation, bioreactors, waterpower, energy harvesting, fuel cells and nuclear power. Students in the program primarily work in the lab conducting hands-on experiments.

Patrick Smallwood, the program’s instructor, invited Russ Sanford, an engineer by education and Kleinschmidt’s Chief Marketing Officer, and Daniel Attaway, E.I.T., Structural Engineer with Kleinschmidt, to talk with his students about:

  • Advantages and disadvantages of different electricity generating fuel sources
  • Integrating renewables into the electric grid​
  • How hydropower works and how it supports other forms of electricity generation
  • Hydropower project case studies that illustrate how engineers solve problems

Mr. Smallwood stated, “Russ and Daniel provided our students with real-life examples of what engineers do daily. They were able to help translate the individual experiments that students conduct in the classroom into a greater understanding of the electric industry and the integration of renewable generation. I personally enjoyed learning about the hydroelectric design projects that Kleinschmidt has worked on, but it was obvious based on the student’s questions that they were more interested in Kleinschmidt’s fish passage design projects!

Engineers Week is dedicated to ensuring a diverse and well-educated future engineering workforce by increasing understanding of and interest in engineering and technology careers. For more information, visit www.discovere.org/our-programs/engineers-week.

About Kleinschmidt

Kleinschmidt Associates performs engineering, regulatory and environmental consulting for North American energy companies and governmental agencies who strive to protect and enhance the natural environment without compromising performance. We work at the intersection of regulatory requirements, environmental science, and engineering solutions to achieve our client’s objectives.

For over half a century, Kleinschmidt has continually delivered new ideas that offer practical solutions to tough problems and sensitive issues. Our goal is to bring energy, water, and the environment into balance so future generations will thrive. For more information, visit kleinschmidtgroup.com.

About the Center for Advanced Technical Studies

The Center for Advanced Technical Studies (Center) motto, “Creating the Future by Challenging the Impossible” emphasizes the importance placed on creativity and innovation. Students work in collaborative teams to solve real-world, often student-initiated, problems. Students develop written and oral communication skills by presenting and defending projects to panels of judges and are continually assessed on work ethic and interpersonal skills to assist in the development of life and career characteristics. The requirement of each second-year student to complete a capstone project assists students in the development of global perspectives and teaches perseverance. Language Arts, Mathematics, and STEM concepts are integrally woven into the curriculum of each program, with emphasis on the application of world-class knowledge in specific career-related situations. For more information, visit www.lexrich5.org/CATS.