Kleinschmidt Awarded Holyoke Shortnose Sturgeon Passage Study

Essex, CT – June 29, 2023 – Kleinschmidt Associates, an engineering, regulatory, and environmental consulting firm, has been selected by Holyoke Gas and Electric (HG&E) to conduct a study to monitor the movement and upstream passage of the Shortnose Sturgeon at the Holyoke Dam. 

The Kleinschmidt team will implement an acoustic telemetry monitoring system to track approximately 70 adult Shortnose Sturgeon as they approach the Project and then pass upstream of the dam via a fish lift. The work is part of a multiyear study investigating the fish passage infrastructure’s effectiveness in providing safe and timely Shortnose Sturgeon passage at the dam. Working with HG&E, Kleinschmidt will determine a suitable approach to deploy the acoustic telemetry system to ensure its effectiveness, equipment security, and worker safety. Additionally, Kleinschmidt will conduct an in-depth analysis of the telemetry data and provide a complete and comprehensive report of the individual fish movement records at the end of the monitoring effort. 

“Habitat connectivity is paramount to the health of the Connecticut River ecosystem, particularly for those diadromous and potamodromous fish species that rely on it for their life history,” says Bryan Apell, Project Manager and senior fisheries ecologist at Kleinschmidt. “The Holyoke dam is the first mainstem dam on New England’s largest river, supporting a host of migratory fish runs. HG&E has been at the heart of the effort to improve habitat connectivity through safe and timely fish passage and protection at their hydroelectric facility.”

“This has been an ongoing multi-year project that Kleinschmidt has assisted the Department with since 2017,” says Richard Murray, Dam Safety and Compliance Engineer at Holyoke Gas and Electric. “Kleinschmidt has been a great partner with this project over the last several years.  Their expertise and collaborative style help to bring such an intricate multi-year effort to fruition.  The project is anticipated to be completed in 2024.”

About Kleinschmidt 

Kleinschmidt Associates performs engineering, regulatory and environmental consulting for North American energy companies and governmental agencies who strive to protect and enhance the natural environment without compromising performance. We work at the intersection of regulatory requirements, environmental science, and engineering solutions to achieve our client’s objectives.  

For over half a century, Kleinschmidt has continually delivered new ideas that offer practical solutions to tough problems and sensitive issues. Our goal is to bring energy, water, and the environment into balance so future generations will thrive. For more information, visit www.kleinschmidtgroup.com. 

About Holyoke Gas and Electric
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