Professional Staff

Kimberly Elkin

Project Scientist/Aquatic Ecologist

“My 21-year career has made me a well-rounded scientist who understands the complexities of watersheds and how we can protect the environment as well as utilize water for human needs. I am passionate about protecting water and allowing nature to provide the ecosystem services we humans utilize every day.”

Kimberly has worked with various entities such as state government, federal government, tribal government, and nonprofit organizations. She has built three water programs in Alaska, Oklahoma, and Tennessee. She understands the instream flow components, which consist of biology, water quality, hydrology, geomorphology, and connectivity of rivers and streams. Her experience ranges from working with anadromous fish in Alaska to the high biological diversity of rivers and streams in Oklahoma and Tennessee. She is an emeritus member of the Instream Flow Council and a member of the Society for Freshwater Science.

Kimberly has a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Biology from Eastern Illinois University in Charleston, Illinois, a Master of Science in Zoology/Ichthyology from Southern Illinois University in Carbondale, and a Master of Science in Water Resources Policy and Management from East Central University in Ada, Oklahoma.