Professional Staff

Leo Cournoyer

IT Specialist

Leo has more than 35 years in the computer/electronics field. At Kleinschmidt, Leo provides technical assistance, support, and advice to users or refers questions to appropriate personnel. He troubleshoots, interprets problems and provides technical support for hardware, software, and systems. Leo supports training, skills update, and continuing education of users. He answers phone calls, uses diagnostic programs, and resolves recurrent problems. Leo sets up and configures new or updated hardware and software. He runs and confirms Daily Backups tapes. Leo maintains hardware and software inventory records and conducts scheduled software compliance audits. Leo assists in the enforcement Corporations Information and Telecommunication system policies. He stays abreast of advances in technology and provides assistance in Network Administration and monitors the network availability to system users including user accounts, permissions, etc. Leo helps with network migrations, upgrades, and conversions and assists with evaluation of the technology used in the organization. He assists with network architecture planning and implementation and assists in researching software and hardware purchases and updates. Leo also assists in anticipating shortages.

Leo has a B.S. in Business/Information Technology and A.S. in Electronics.