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Logan Martin ADA Compliant Fishing Platform Ramp

New fishing ramp improves access to fishing platform

Alabama Power Company (Alabama Power) required assistance with the engineering design of a new access ramp compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) for the existing fishing platform located along the tailrace of the Logan Martin Hydroelectric Plant. The existing access to the fishing platform consists of a stairway with four flights of stairs descending a height of about 22 feet from the parking lot down to the fishing platform.

Kleinschmidt initially reviewed available background information for the site including the topography (LIDAR data), geotechnical information, reference drawings, and tailwater information provided by Alabama Power. Kleinschmidt developed conceptual design drawings for the proposed ADA compliant fishing platform access ramp sufficient for Alabama Power’s use in agency consultation. Following Alabama Power’s review of the conceptual design drawings and approval by the resource agencies, Kleinschmidt revised the conceptual design drawings and supported Alabama Power in the bidding and permitting process. Following the bidding process, Kleinschmidt incorporated final comments from Alabama Power along with comments from the construction contractor and prepared a set of Released for Construction drawings.

Kleinschmidt’s existing relations with regulatory agencies and broad capabilities resulted in responsive and economical services allowing Alabama Power to implement the project to the satisfaction of all stakeholders.