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HEC-RAS Pub & Grub 2! HEC is coming to town!

HEC-RAS…Portland…Food…Beer.  They seem to just go perfectly together.  That is why we’re hosting… HEC-RAS Pub & Grub 2 You will want to save this date!  On Feb 20, 2020 HEC’s very own Gary Brunner, Cameron Ackerman, and Mark Jensen will be joining me in Portland Oregon to speak at the next offering of the HEC-RAS […]

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Very fine 2D Modeling

I’m a big fan of testing HEC-RAS to the limits.  What can it do?  What can’t it do?  These are questions we should all ask at the beginning of a project.  Can HEC-RAS actually prove to be a useful tool in answering hydraulic-related questions for our specific problem?  Shortly after coming to work at Kleinschmidt […]

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McBreach Probabilistic Dam Breach Modeling Software

Fellow HEC-RAS modelers. Today is National Dam Safety Day.  Dam Breach modeling is a key component to a well-rounded and robust dam safety program.  If you’re doing dam breach modeling, you need to check out McBreach. Probabilistic hydraulic modeling is where we’re heading with dam breach analysis. Why not get a head start with McBreach. […]

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