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1D/2D Offline Connection Issues

Written by Chris Goodell | Kleinschmidt Associates Copyright © The RAS Solution.  All rights reserved.  I’ve mentioned this before, but I am thoroughly impressed with the robustness of the finite volume solution scheme used in 2D areas in HEC-RAS.  As long as your Courant Numbers are in a good spot, you rarely get errors and instabilities in […]

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Weir Equations in HEC-RAS

HEC-RAS has the ability to simulate flow at hydraulic controls in a variety of ways. Bridges, culverts, inline structures, lateral structures, and SA/2D area connections can all act as hydraulic controls.  Effectively, they break up the conservation equations used between cross sections in a 1D reach and/or cells in a 2D area with empirically derived […]

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Pressure and Weir Flow

Here’s a video of pressure and weir flow yesterday at a bridge near my house.  This was brought on by some very intense rainfall over a short period of time.  What do you think the weir coefficient would be? ‘Tis the season in many parts of the world for heavy rains and high water.  This […]

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