Employee Ownership

Are you Ready to Own Your Future?

Kleinschmidt has been employee owned since it was founded in 1966 by Dr. R. Stevens Kleinschmidt. For nearly 30 years ownership was tightly held among a small group of employees in leadership roles. In the late 1990s ownership expanded to fund buy-out of a few primary shareholders in an effort to remain independently owned.

By 2010, shareholders formally voted to remain independent during a time when most similarly sized competitors and teaming partners were merging or being acquired.  This independence has become such a strong part of our identity that we now consider remaining employee-owned a core value.  In turn, this self-reliance encouraged us to focus on strategic growth, diversification of our services and markets, and creating a resilient company for the benefit of future shareholders.

More recently, Kleinschmidt shifted to an open and inclusive architecture where every employee can become a shareholder. This shift doubled the number of shareholders in just a few years and enabled Kleinschmidt to create a succession program that promotes our identity as employee-owners at the same time it makes owners eligible for share appreciation and special bonus and dividend programs.

Today over 50% of our full- time employees are also shareholders. Being shareholders in a privately held, independent firm creates an opportunity for every employee with a passion for “owning their own destiny” and a desire to “invest in themselves and our future” to become a Kleinschmidt Owner!