Professional Staff

Mark Boucher, P.E.

Electrical Engineer

“I am passionate about renewable energy sources and sustainable energy generation, and am excited to work with these resources. Hydroelectric power generation serves a central role in renewable energy generation, especially when it comes to predictability, grid momentum, and the ability to store large amounts of energy for future use. Responsible management, maintenance, and creation of hydroelectric and other renewable energy facilities is key to preserving our natural resources, and creating sustainable, clean energy for today and the future.”

Mark is an Electrical Engineer in our Engineering Division and works with various aspects of electrical power systems, including medium and low voltage power generation and distribution, protective device coordination, arc flash studies, power system analysis. He also works with and designs control systems containing a diverse arrangement of equipment, including relay controls, modern programmable logic controllers, and smaller, custom solutions.

Mark has significant experience in solving issues with existing equipment, integrating new solutions into existing designs and facilities, taking conceptual specifications through to high quality detailed design products, and troubleshooting issues arising from integrating equipment from multiple vendors or fabricators. He enjoys designing safe, robust, and innovative solutions to the engineering challenges found in a wide array of projects.

Mark has a B. S. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Maine and is a Professional Engineer in Maine, South Carolina, Iowa, North Carolina, Rhode Island, Arkansas, Georgia and New Hampshire.