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Mactaquac Generating Station Life Achievement Project

Providing comprehensive fish passage expertise

The Mactaquac Generating Station is a run of the river hydro facility with an installed generation capacity of 660 MW on the St. John River. Concrete portions of the hydro station have been affected by a chemical reaction (alkali aggregate reaction) that causes the concrete to swell and crack and has required substantial annual maintenance and repairs. New Brunswick Power (NB Power) has proposed the Life Achievement Project to ensure the station can operate to its intended 100-year lifespan with a modified approach to maintenance and adjusting and replacing equip-ment over time. This 2017 recommendation followed three years of expert research, including input from science, engineers, the public and First Nations. A key need for success of this project is effective fish passage.

Kleinschmidt was selected by NB Power to be their fish passage consultant for the Mactaquac Life Achievement Project. To date, Kleinschmidt has provided high-level assessments of potential upstream and downstream fish passage options that could be included in the planned rehabilitation of the facility. Work has included assisting in identifying species management goals, developing design criteria for upstream and downstream passage alternatives, and developing concept level designs of potential new and modified fish passage facilities. As the rehabilitation continues, Kleinschmidt will provide engineering and biological analysis and recommendations to improve upstream and downstream fish passage.

Kleinschmidt’s experience in all stages of fish passage work, from watershed level planning of species restoration efforts and initial conceptual design of fish passage through construction and effectiveness testing, is being applied at Mactaquac to deliver efficient and effective services that are consistent with the goals of the Life Achievement Project. Kleinschmidt’s multidisciplinary team of biologists, engineers, and regulatory specialists provides NB Power with comprehensive and responsive expertise helping to maintain the aggressive project schedule.