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Banks Lake Pumped Storage

One-shop project fulfillment reduces costs and

Columbia Basin Hydropower (CBHP) required engineering design, alternatives analysis and regulatory support for exploring the feasibility of using the Bureau of Reclamation’s Banks Lake for development of additional pumped storage in the Columbia Basin and then supporting CBHP in preliminary licensing and development.

Kleinschmidt assisted CBHP in evaluating potential project siting and pump/ generator station layout along with hiring subcontractor expertise in grid level demand evaluations. Preliminary engineering design included the development of design criteria for pumped/generating equipment with 8,000cfs pumping capacity per unit; coordination with potential pump and generator suppliers; one line transmission drawings and conceptual design of step-up transformer substation. Following the preliminary feasibility determination, Kleinschmidt has begun the preparation of the necessary documentation for FERC, the Bureau of Reclamation, and Bonneville Power to move to the next phases of licensing and design.

Kleinschmidt’s full-service hydroelectric capacity has provided CBHP with a onestop shop for managing multiple phases of planning from engineering design and strong supplier relationships to regulatory consultation and stakeholder facilitation. CBHP staff are relieved of the burden of managing multiple consultants and receive coordinated products that meet CBHP’s strategic plan for Project development. Kleinschmidt implemented a phased process that leverages alternative tradeoff analysis and allows for a cost-effective approach that greatly reduces costs for licensing, initial engineering, and planning. engineering, and planning. Our relationships with local regulators allowed for early identification of critical issues and efficient revisions to conceptual designs to minimize concerns.