Our Work

York Haven Nature-Like Fishway

2D Modeling to Validate Preferred Design

York Haven Power Company (YHPC), as part of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) license compliance for their York Haven Hydroelectric Project, requires the design, construction, and operation of a new nature-like fishway passage (NLFP) at their Main Dam. YHPC sought an alternate design that meets the intent of the Settlement Agreement and the FERC License but reduces substantial construction risks and costs, as well as long-term operation and maintenance risks of the original design prepared for the previous owner.

Kleinschmidt provided an assessment of the design as conceptualized in the Settlement Agreement and developed alternative NFLP concepts. Kleinschmidt also identified the pros and cons of existing and alternative designs relative to effectiveness, risks, costs, schedule, and agency acceptance.

Kleinschmidt investigated an alternate in-river design as well as an inland bypass concept as part of our task to develop a cost-effective design that minimizes aquatic resource impacts while meeting the FERC, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, and Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection requirements to provide fish passage over 6 feet of head difference.

As part of the design efforts, Kleinschmidt created a far-field and nearfield2-D HEC-RAS model of the proposed NLFP, starting with existing conditions along approximately 8 miles of the Susquehanna River that included two dams.

Kleinschmidt’s experience gave YHPC a fresh approach to finding an alternative design that satisfied the resource agencies’ requirement for an NLFP at this site. The alternative design was developed and communicated in a collaborative approach that convinced the resource agencies that the alternate option was an acceptable option that achieved desired long-term outcomes while significantly reducing construction risks, costs & temporary environmental impacts.